Drop ins are more cost efficient while offering the same quality filtration or treatment than quick connect filters

One and Done

Our unique One and Done (carbon block + scale media) top cap design allows a small circle window to view the scale media. Color matters!  This is an important feature to help determine other possible contaminants in the water. The white is media, but any color differentiation tells the story that an additional media is needed for treatment.

          Loose media inserts

Individual carbon and media filters provide better contact time thus best efficiency.  This is the most economical filtration possible.  If there is space available for a multiple stage system, we definitely recommend these inserts.  They are easy to use and install, but don’t let the savings stop there.  Purchase the media in bulk to refill the inserts yourself.  We can provide you with the proper amount of carbon or media for all (4) refillable insert sizes (10″ and 20″ slim line, 10″ and 20″ big blue).

System housing and sediment filters

Comes in all (4) sizes (10″ and 20″ slim line, 10″ and 20″ big blue) as well as all (3) stages (1, 2 or 3)Include water pressure gauge(s), wall mounting bracket and hardware, wrench, shut off and flush valves. The systems come shipped fully assembled. Cartridge(s) sold separately. Fits most standard size housing. Sediment filters help extend the life of carbon and the scale media. Microns matter. The smaller the micron the better filtration. However, when using a smaller micron more frequent changes are needed.