CORRTRAPP is a bead, Magnesium-based adsorbent which has been used to passivate various metals. Effective treatment for Lead, Copper, Nickel, Iron and Zinc.  The majority of municipality water distribution system use pipes that are composed of Lead, Copper, Iron and Zinc.

Corrosion is one of the most complicated and costly problems facing drinking water utilities. Many parameters affect pipe corrosion, including water quality and composition, flow conditions, biological activity, and cheap corrosion inhibitors.

 Environmental regulations have become increasingly severe regarding the types and amount of pollutants that may be released into the environment.  Increasingly, Phosphates are becoming more and more restricted. Often phosphates dosing is not completely successful in reducing metal corrosion in the drinking water pipes and equipment (especially water heaters)


Issues with using Phosphates

➢ Phosphates increases

  1. Bacterial Growth
  2. Legionellae Water
  3. Forms calcium phosphate scale

Calcium Phosphate passivation rarely adheres to Lead and Copper pipe walls and are not considered as an effective form of corrosion control.




Municipal water processing
Refinery unit & lubricants
Gas pipelines

Oil & gas production
Acid mine industries
Paint and pigments

Aggressive & acidified wells