Treatment options

Color matters

If scale is not white, this is a good indicator there is something in the water that requires
additional treatment
Blue / green staining – Presence of copper in the water
Orange / red staining – Presence of iron in the water
Black staining – Presence of Manganese in water

Cloudiness and smell matters

Rotten egg smell – Hydrogen sulfide gas in the water
Cloudy water (Turbidity) – Clarifies over time, from the top down, or does not clear at all

Treatment Guide

Key: QC = Quick change     CB = Carbon block     RI = Refillable insert

Sequence Recommendations

Stage 1: Sediment

Katalox Light (microns < 3) or sediment filter

We HIGHLY recommend using some type of sediment filter (microns matter), inexpensively extends the life of carbon or media

Stage 2: Filtration (carbon)

Activesorb, Catalytic carbon or One & Done (Carbon block + scale media)

Stage 3: Heavy metals

Ferrolox or Titansorb carbon block

Stage 4: Scale prevention

Filtersorb SP3* (Temporary, >= 26 grains)

Stage 5: Scale prevention

Filtersorb CT** (Temporary and permanent, >=15 grains, untreated well water, silica)

Stage 6: Corrosion treatment