Systems can provide significant ROI in as little as a year, usually within 2 – 3 years.
Unlike typically water softener installations, these systems are sized to treat the hot AND cold water.

POE systems are based on a location’s specific equipment needs and can be customized to treat the specific contaminants in your water supply. Systems can range for 8 – 1,000 GPM.

  Carbon filtration        

Carbon protects the scale media from Chlorine and Chloramines.  Choose the appropriate carbon to properly filter your water and extend the life of the scale media.

Catalytic carbon:  Superior Chloramines and exceptional Chlorine removal
Activesorb carbon:  Limited Chloramines and superior Chlorine removal
Granular carbon:  Chlorine removal only

Scale treatment

 Filtersorb medias do not use, need nor require a backwashing system

** Contact time is IMPORTANT **
We use at least 2x’s MORE media than our competitors to help ensure maximum scale protection

Filtersorb SP3 – Temporary hardness (rated for < = 26 grains of hardness)

Filtersorb CT – Temporary and permeant (rated for < = 15 grains of hardness)

 Specific treatment

Sometimes the contaminants in the water require more than just carbon filtration and scale treatment.

Issues could include, Iron, Lead, Manganese, heavy metals, Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell), Chlorides or Turbidity (cloudy water) to name a few.

These type of issues require an additional treatment to effectively resolve.