Car Wash

Clogged sprayer – Feb 2018
March 2018 after system installed
Clean sprayer – April 2018

“The spray tips are cleaning up as well as the PVC pipes”.

[Before] scale was blocking the sprayer. You can see in the after photo, the scale is practically gone from the sprayer.”

Rick Depke
Service Director, Larry Miller Toyota


All sprayers now working, only need half of the soap – MORE SAVING$

No more salt purchases

(annual savings: $6,000 – $8,000)


“Replacement parts can be expensive, preserve the life of them with a point of entry system using our Filtersorb SP3 or CT media. Check out these photos a year after the install. The shaker curtain is virtually scale free. Minimal soap suds indicate no over usage of soap.”

Impressive right?

!! Use the existing carbon tank from your water softener, yeah it hurt us to say that too. This will further help ensure the effectiveness of the SP3. Oh and uh no more backflushing, so you can stop wasting that water too (SAVINGS). Wait, did we mention the SP3 extends the membrane life of the RO system? Probably, significant since we know those bad boys aren’t cheap (SAVINGS). Don’t forget no more salt AND save up to 50% on soap savings since all the sprayers will actually be working (SAVINGS). That seems like A LOT of savings to us, wouldn’t you agree?