Special filter


Scale Eliminator and Flavor Enhancer: 100% Filtration, no change in capacity up to 25 grains of hardness



Particles of dirt, turbidity, heavy metals and organic compounds such as herbicides, pesticides or pharmaceutical residues are removed from the water by means of extremely fine activated carbon in the form of a block that surrounds the SP3 lime scale prevention granules. Chlorine and other substances in the water have a negative effect on the taste and odor of food and drink are removed.



The temporary water hardness
(dissolved calcium bicarbonate) is transformed into micrometer-sized aragonite-crystals. Due to this change in its structure, the formed crystals can no longer attach itself to surfaces such as fittings, heating coils or pipes. Ensuring lasting protection from lime scale
deposits of all kinds and their unwanted side effects.

Applications include (not limited to):

Steam ovens
Coffee & tea brewers
Combi ovens
Ice machines
Espresso equipment

High capacity GUARANTEED to reduce – PLUS BAD TASTE AND ODOR


FILTER A does all the dirty work and FILTER B is the polishing unit. When the pressure gauge for FILTER A shows a 5% drop or more remove FILTER A and replace with FILTER B insert new filter where FILTER B previously was positioned.

JUST A THOUGHT: Typically, filters are changed every 6 months, BUT how do you know if the filter still has capacity? The dual rack helps ensure filters aren’t thrown out before their stated capacity

Special filter Challenge

Test the pH from the water with your existing filter. Then replace the existing filter with our Special filter and test the pH.

Operational Perimeters:
pH Range: 6.5 – 9.5
Hardness (maximum): 26 gpg
Water pressure: 30 psi to 120 psi
(2.1-8 bar to 6.9 bar)
Temperature: 41°F – 176°F (5°C – 80°C)
Free Chlorine: < 3 ppm – mg/l
Iron (maximum): 0.5 ppm – mg/l
Magnesium (maximum): 0.05 ppm – mg/l
Copper (maximum): 1.3 ppm – mg/l
Oil: Free
Hydrogen sulfide: Free
Salinity (maximum): 35,000 ppm – mg/l10

Ever Pure Compatible Head

For Everpure multi-rack (2, 3, or 4) system Special filter compatible with models: EV9259-14 and EV9259-24
If your Everpure filter has a pre-treatment of 5 micron, we recommend you continue to do this.

If your system is using a scale stick, we recommend replacing with a 0.5 micron filter for applications such as ice machines and espresso equipment.

Mark the rim of the pressure gauge at regular pressure, when the pressure drops 5% or greater from the mark, the filter has reached capacity and needs replacing.

In effective scale sticks are a thing of the past.
The SP3 media protects from scale, corrosion, and bacteria.

Water with pH in the 7.0 – 7.2 range prior to being filtered through the scale stick or ion exchange will come out with a pH lower than 7.

Don’t believe us? Ok, test the pH your water yourself.

Check below for cost.


Item Description List Price
Special filter 10 inch w/ quick connect head  $     129.95
Special filter 10 inch replacement  $     109.95
Special filter 20 inch w/ quick connect head  $     179.95
Special filter 20 inch replacement  $     149.95
Duplex rack  $     179.00
Duplex rack w/ (2) 10″ replacements  $     379.00
Duplex rack w/ (2) 20″ replacements  $     469.00


Coming soon, will be compatible with Ever Pure, Opti Pure and Bev Guard HEADS
MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )
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