Point of Entry (POE) Systems

Scale treatment

Our scale media is green technology and requires no electricity or drainage.
Filtersorb SP3 treats for temporary hardness and is effective up to 26 grains of hardness without any decrease in capacity
Filtersorb CT treats for temporary and permanent hardness and is also an effective treatment for silica.  Works up to 10 grains of hardness alone or can be used with SP3 for harder water

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Helps extended the life of scale media by removing Chlorine or Chloramines Eliminates odor, improves taste.

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Specific treatments

When carbon filtration and scale media is not not enough to treat the contaminants in the water, an additional media made be needed. The color of the scale or odors matter.
treatment solutions for:
Chlorides protection
Silica reduction
Corrosion prevention
Alkaline additive
Iron reduction
Manganese reduction
Lead reduction
Heavy metals reduction

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