The FERROLOX® filter media, containing iron hydroxide Fe(OH)3 has an amorphous structure.
The ferric ions content in the filter media is about 40% by weight. It is optimally shaped and highly porous, thus ensuring maximum loading capacity at low costs.

Groundwater or surface water is simply pumped in up flow mode through a single or multiple up-flow pressure vessels and can be successfully used in down flow filtration. Down flow filtration is recommended to use oxygen dosing for better oxidation. Can be used for the removal of:

Hydrogen Sulfide
Selenium (IV and VI)

The Watch Water® Up-Flow Adsorber systems are designed with ease of use in mind.
No valves
No electricity
No backwash
No chemicals
Its user friendly making the Adsorber installation and removal of exchange materials easy without the use of special tools.

Up-Flow pressure vessels are 50% smaller than down-flow system.

The used FERROLOX® media is a non-toxic solid waste. Under normal environmental conditions no leaching of arsenic takes place out of the spent media. Unlike other technologies, ion-exchange or Reverse osmosis, the regenerated effluents on concentrate are a major concern worldwide. Used FERROLOX® can be advantageously utilized as a very useful component for manufacturing bricks.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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