For microfiltration, Crystolite filtration media (CFM) is very robust, long life, back washable filter media. Crystolite filtration media meets the needs of all industrial, municipal, residential and water reuse for any application. This unique, high-capacity media is designed to reduce the waste of expensive cartridges and plastic filter housings.

The Crystolite media allows the water to flow through the top distributor on the top of media layer, when suspended solids are held on the highest surface area of the media allows only clean water to flow through the Crystolite. As a result, Crystolite can be used to filter down 0.5 microns without clogging and are easily backwashed. The system can be designed either manual or automatic backwashing. Backwash water reduction is up to 80%.

Applications include:

Ammonia removal
Trace heavy metal removal
Pretreatment of RO & RO reclaim
Power stations
Steel and iron mils
High solids waste water
Zero blown down
Cooling Towers
Boiler water
Swimming pools
Circulation plants for
Plating processes
Printed circuits

Turbidity test and turbidity analysis
20 liters of water were prepared with NOMINAL 5-80 MICRON ARIZONA TEST DUST, until obtaining a turbidity of approximately 100 NTU.
(Turbidity (or the cloudiness of water) is measured in terms of Nephelometric Turbidity Units – NTU)
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